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Hello and welcome to KICK ASS VETS.

KICK ASS VETS was born out of the frustration of repeatedly seeing great vets, especially new grads and students about to graduate, be taken advantage of and becoming disenchanted with the career. Sometimes, with final year students, this disenchantment was starting before they even had a chance to practice. Not a great way to start the profession.

Upon seeing vets, whether they were unknown via stories on social media, colleagues or close friends, be taken advantage of over and over, I decided to do something about it! First I started off doing presentations for the students, and that grew into some mentorship relationships with final year students and colleagues, and that grew into creating KICK ASS VETS.
Aims and Goals of KICK ASS VETS:
KICK ASS VETS truly believes that being a veterinarian is one of the most amazing professions in the world. There is so much diversity, learning and growing, and when you help animals it is the most rewarding experience.

However, KICK ASS VETS also recognizes that there is a huge number of problems within the industry that make it challenging in ways that are sometimes just not worth it! With veterinarians having the highest suicide rate of any profession, and drastically above the rate of the general public, there is obviously a problem.

KICK ASS VETS also truly believes that the majority of the negative challenges within the industry are fixable, and many are self-induced by vets not valuing/standing-up for themselves! An industry shift is needed, however change starts with the individual, and each individual vet can make their own life better by starting to take control of their own lives NOW.

KICK ASS VETS hopes to empower every vet take that control and learn love their profession again. We want all vets to not only BE KICK ASS, but to FEEL KICK ASS!
How will KICK ASS VETS achieve these goals?:
KICK ASS VETS provides TANGIBLE and PRACTICAL tools that are EASILY IMPLEMENTABLE so that every vet can take control of their own lives.

Change starts with the individual, and with the information and tools we provide, we hope to help empower every vet to take control of their own lives, and make the changes they need to love their careers again!

Everyone digests information differently! KICK ASS VETS strives to provide information through blogs, podcasts, webinars and consulting, so that no matter how you need to take information in, we have an avenue for you!
How to Stay Connected:
KICK ASS VETS is on Facebook , Instagram, and you can Subscribe for monthly newsletters that keep you informed on what we have been up to! We hope you will enjoy our information, and hope we truly help you to not only take control of your life, but love your career again! We are all KICK ASS VETS, some of us just need to be reminded! If you have any questions, or want to arrange KICK ASS Consulting , or are interested in a presentation or webinar, or have any comments, feel free to Contact Us at anytime!
Written by Dr. Ann Herbst BSc, DVM

Published November 26th, 2019

Advocate for yourself, you are the only one that will!

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