KICK ASS VETS helps veterinary professionals achieve salaries, schedules, and solutions to love their career.

To date KICK ASS Services has helped veterinary professionals obtain pay raises of over $200,000 collectively! We can help you too!
Personal Consulting
Presentations & Workshops
Resumes, Contracts, Letters
Personal Consulting
If you are going into an interview, prepping for a performance review, having trouble working out what job/career path to take, dealing with a toxic work environment or just need some extra help managing life as a veterinarian or nurse, this is for you!

KICK ASS VETS will help you get the salary you deserve, and will help you find the place in this profession that makes you happy!

Each Consulting session lasts ~ 1-2hours of video call.

Session 1: $280/hour CAD
Session 2+: $180/hour CAD
Most people only require 1 session.
"Increased salary by $25,000.

Thank you for all the time you put into our meetings. I was struggling with a lot of loneliness and feeling depreciated, undervalues, overworked and no escape. After only just one consultation with you, I went from understanding my current contract, what I am worth, my options moving forward (tailored especially for me), gave me the fire I needed to confront some very large issues within my self and also voice my worth including asking for a raise in my well earned salary, skills and tactics to use in future interviews but most of all that change starts with us and not with the industry. Ever step we make shows some one else that you are the strong person for believing in your self and valuing what you have worked hard to achieve and you are not alone. "
- Dr. Nikkita
Clinic Consulting
Managers and owners that are dealing with poor charge capture, employee retention, work-flow inefficiencies, or unmotivated staff… KICK ASS VETS can help you identify areas with room for improvement and create solutions to improve the mental, and financial, health of your clinic!

PRICE: Contact as will depend on if a clinic visit is required
Rough Guide is $100CAD/hour .
Team Workshops
Team-work in a clinic is a huge part of a positive work environment, which leads to happier, healthier, and more profitable businesses.

KICK ASS VETS can work with your clinic on workshops for your team, and can be bespoke based on your team’s individual needs.

Examples include:
- Medical Mistakes
- Confidence & Feeling Valuable
- Medical Biases
- “Selling” Isn’t Evil
- Having a Growth Mindset
- Charge Capture
- Finding Efficiency
- etc.

PRICE: Contact, but approximately $600 CAD for a 2 hour work-shop.
Any group that is interested in veterinary medicine can benefit from a KICK ASS Presentation. Student groups, universities, high-schools, clubs, etc. If your group is looking for someone to talk about what it’s like to be a veterinarian, how to get into vet school, how to prepare for jobs, how to work better instead of harder, how to negotiate contracts, etc. then don’t hesitate to contact us to arrange a presentation!

PRICE: Variable depending on group, anywhere from FREE to $100 CAD/hour of work.
"As the director of a truly independent vet practice in the UK, I wish I had written all of your blogs! I think you strike the balance between pushing for greater reward alongside the responsibility that that entails. The corporate chains in the UK are so desperate for vets that salary expectations have risen without the commensurate level of productivity/accountability etc. Value vs Worth mentality prevails. I have pointed my new grad towards your site!’ "
- Dr. David Kemp
Resume Check-Up
Resumes and cover-letters can be daunting, and especially as you transition from one life-stage to the next, it can be hard to know what, and how, to high-light your talents. KICK ASS VETS can help you go through your resume and cover letter, and help you put your best foot forward!
This is an email only correspondence.

"Thank you so much for all that information! And I love how much more direct my resume and cover letter are, so thank you for that. Also good to know the current rates."
- Anonymous
Contract Review
Contracts are scary and sometimes use big words or phrases that are confusing or ambiguous, and can lead you into a work situation that leaves room for your boss to take advantage of you. You should ALWAYS read your contract, but if you are unsure and need some help KICK ASS VETS can help you go through your contract, before you sign on the dotted line! We will identify any red flags or points you should clarify or negotiate.
This is an email only correspondence.


Upgrade to an online video consult to not only discuss the terms and conditions of your contract, but create a negotiation plan for your salary and benefit package.
"The service provided by Kick Ass Vets was exceptional. I am a locum veterinarian who needed help re-negotiating the conditions of ongoing work with my employer, including my hourly rates. Kick Ass Vets read my draft letter to my employer (which was very rough!) and promptly revised it into a professional, immaculately worded document! Catching more bees with honey, this courteous but stern proposition landed me the rates and conditions I wanted, leaving both my employer and me in better positions moving forward. If you need help with your professional negotiations, I would highly recommend Kick Ass Vets!"
- Anonymous
How It Works
Once you have decided to use our KICK ASS Services to better your clinic or your career, just click the “Contact Us” button. You will be directed to our contact page where you can write us a brief description of what services you would like to employ and your current situation.

KICK ASS VETS will contact you back ASAP with further instructions, a quote if applicable, and a STRIPE link for payment. For consulting services we will also email you a bespoke detailed questionnaire to gather more details.

Once we receive payment and the return of any requested documents (ex. questionnaire, contract, resume, etc.) we will coordinate a mutually beneficial time for a consult, workshop or presentation.
Individual Consulting:
First session $280 CAD
Follow up sessions $180 CAD/session

Resume Check-Up: $95 CAD

Contract Review:
Basic Review $95 CAD
Online Consult $280 CAD

Clinic Consulting: Please Contact
Dependent on time, and if a clinic visit is involved, approximately ~$100CAD/hr.

Team Workshops: Please Contact
Dependant on time, topic, and location (online vs. In person). Typical on-line 2 hour work-shop ~$600CAD.

Presentations: Please Contact
Dependant on topic and group, anywhere from FREE to ~$100 CAD/hr. Please inquire for bespoke topics.

* All prices in CAD
**Please see our Terms and Conditions for details on refunds

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