Contract Review
Contract Review
Contracts are written agreements between two parties. This means that it’s a two-way conversation. Your needs are just as important as your employers, and all of these needs have to be met, and agreed up on your contract. So make sure you read your contract, inside and out!

Knowing what the terms and conditions mean in your contract is vitally important to all employees. You should always read through, and understand your whole contract. If you have any concerns, or questions, you should take these to your potential employer. Remember, you are half of the agreement!

This webinar goes through the common phrases in a contract, and explains what they mean. More importantly though it displays areas that can be ambiguous that will leave employees vulnerable, with examples of how this can occur, so you can spot potential ‘traps.’
Author:   Dr. Ann Herbst
Duration:   45 min
Cost:   $20