Decision Fatigue
Decision Fatigue
Making decisions takes energy. As you make more and more decisions throughout the day, this energy decreases. This results in the decisions you make a the end of the day, or after a long stretch without a break, are of poorer quality than the decisions you made at the beginning of the day.

Understanding how this process occurs in your brain, and understanding the outcomes, will allow for you to not only be aware of this decline in quality and thus push important decisions to a better time, but will allow you to modify your life to better cope with the decisions you have to make.

This webinar is important for all medical professionals, but especially for new graduates, where each decision is harder, more difficult, more of an energy drain! This webinar discusses strategies on how to combat decision fatigue, and how you can modify your personal and professional life to reduce the energy drain.
Author:   Dr. Ann Herbst
Duration:   40 min
Cost:   $20