Medical Biases
Medical Biases
Medical biases are “Cognitive Errors”. These are faults in our reasoning, affected by our experiences and personalities, that change the way we practice medicine. These biases are helpful about 80% of the time, but in 20% of our cases they lead us down the wrong path, which can harm our patients.

Whether you like it or not, medical biases affect ALL of us. One study showing that in an emergency case, on average, 7 biases affected clinical judgment. Therefore, it is vitally important to our patients that all medical professionals are aware of these biases.

This webinar outlines the 10 most common biases we see in veterinary medicine, as well as how they manifest, and how we can overcome them. Included are also some tools and tips on how to overcome all biases in general, and small easy changes that we can make in our day-to-day lives that will have a large impact on the welfare of our patients, and our practice.
Author:   Dr. Ann Herbst
Duration:   51 min
Cost:   $20