Medical Mistakes
Medical Mistakes
Mistakes in medicine will occur to all of us, at one point or another. The current culture around mistakes is one of shame, guilt, deception and fear. It is a huge factor that affects the mental health of medical professionals, and given our incredibly high suicide rate in the veterinary industry, it is imperative we take an active stance on fixing this problem!

Mistakes are not isolated incidences. They are most often cumulative events made up of multiple smaller events that if not addressed and corrected, will continue to produce mistakes in the future. We need to find, analyze and address all the small little factors that lead to mistakes, and in order to achieve this we need to have a safe and supportive culture where the reporting of mistakes is praised, not reprimanded.

This webinar discusses the nature of how mistakes are currently perceived and what we need to do to fix this perception, why mistakes happen, and what we can do to fix these mistakes! This is an incredibly important topic not only for patient health, but also for the mental health of every person on the medical team. This webinar also refers to our Medical Biases webinar, as these biases play a large role in why mistakes occur.
Author:   Dr. Ann Herbst
Duration:   40 min
Cost:   $0