Septic Shock for Dummies
Septic Shock for Dummies
Septic shock is a difficult, scary, heart-breaking and all too common condition in our veterinary patients. With a high mortality rate, and often leaving staff with a feeling of "I wish I did more"... these cases are ones that keep us up at night, that make us feel inadequate.

The reality is though, these cases are HARD, and detecting that our patients are going into, or are in, septic shock is HARD, and treatment is HARD.

This webinar will demystify septic shock in a practical, relatable and clinically relevant way, and provide clear details and plans on recognition and treatment of shock. Aimed at both nurses and vets, this webinar displays how recognizing and treating patients with septic shock is a TEAM event, and how both nurses and vets need to be aware of this condition!

AVNAT CPD Point approved for Nurses! Please email for quiz to obtain certificate!

All participants will receive notes, an algorithm, certificate of attendance and notes on how to evaluate blood smears. If you have not received this within 3 days of purchase, please email
Author:   Dr. Ann Herbst and Sara Mooney
Duration:   86 min
Cost:   $20